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Intimate Skin Bleaching

All Natural Bleaching Technique for Your Intimate Areas

Coastal Massage & Wellness

An all natural bleaching technique using enzymes, acids and uv light to brighten those areas on your body that are bothering you. Dark spots can be caused by aging, hormones, pregnancy, melasma, ethnicity, melanin production, scarring, friction or stretch marks.

bryght intimate skin bleaching jacksonville north carolina

A targeted, antioxidant-rich skin care system that corrects uneven skin tone, unwanted discoloration and diminishes the appearance of dark spots over time. It is all natural, fast acting and safe for all skin types. BryghtTM can be used anywhere externally on the body, including intimate and sensitive areas, without disturbing the natural PH.

bryght intimate skin bleaching
  • Underarm Lightening Treatment

  • Inner Thigh Lightening Treatment

  • Brazilian Lightening Treatment

  • Anal Lightening Treatment

  All clients must fill out consent form.
All hair must be removed from the area.
All clients are strongly encouraged to take a 'before' picture. 

Intimate Skin Bleaching Frequently Asked Questions
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