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We Support OTHER Local Business

Being a local business we know the struggle of getting our name out there and LOVE it when someone refers us to their friends and family.  This is why I wanted to spotlight business that I use and LOVE.  Check them out and you'll understand why I feel this way!

Size Healthy Fitness

Nataisha is the founder and Head Trainer of Size Healthy, LLC. Being morbidly obese at over 420 pounds, she decided to take control of her life and her health, and began working out. 7 later years and over 200 pounds lighter, her fitness journey led her to develop a strong passion for fitness, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and inspiring others. She decided to use her love and knowledge of fitness to help others achieve their goals and live healthier lives, and in 2012 became a Certified Personal Trainer and founded Size Healthy, LLC.  

Nataisha's Certifications: 

M.S. in Human Services Counseling Studies

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist



Unique healing methods & empowerment for mothers & their pregnancy/delivery experience.

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Karina Olson





If your Fur Baby needs a good cleaning, and you don’t have the time to drop them off….Christina with PawParazzi is here to save the day!  She will come to you with her Mobile Grooming RV.  You might recognize her as our local Motorcycle Stunt Girl Crash!   When she's not off doing Stunt Shows or Practicing for them... She's pursuing her other passion which is her love for and working with Animals! So give her a try! Call (860)919-3336 or visit PawParazzi on Facebook.

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Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 11.00.16

The Botanical Bartender

Meet Gabrielle Sessoms. For over 10 years Gabrielle has been in the service industry and has always enjoyed the art of mixing drinks. After exploring numerous avenues of tending bar, Gabrielle decided to combine two things that she holds a passion for (plants and mixing drinks) and turn it into a business venture she is proud to call her own. As the Botanical Bartender, Gabrielle has created an experience for plant lovers to come together and enjoy their common interest in a fun and unique way. Allowing plant lovers to choose a plant-themed party package which includes specially crafted cocktails, each fused with flowers and/or herbs. Keeping the plant theme through each and every aspect of our services.

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Down Yonder Tattoo

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Bre Scott is a well known Tattoo artist in the area. She was born in Calvert County Maryland, and moved to Jacksonville, Nc when she was 12 years old. Once she graduated from High School she began working at  a Surf Shop and also the front counter at Gypsy Rose Tattoo shop in the mall. After a year of working there she was offered an apprenticeship under Owner Jamee Melvin.  2 years later, Bre started to become well known, with her beautiful clean lines and gorgeous tattoo work. She has now been tattooing for over 10 years and just opened up her own Shop Down Yonder Tattoo in Richlands! She is well worth the wait!! So if you want a great tattoo reach out to her to get your appointment booked!

Call or Text 910-214-2609 appointments

203 w. Hargett St, Richlands, North Carolina

Innovative Crafty Solutions

At ICS we make it our top priority to bring the highest quality with the quickest turn around time on delivery. We specialize in epoxy tumbler cups, personalized shirts, window decals and advertising, and coming soon, embroidery.

Kieth Taylor

TaylorMade Woodworking Owner & Founder