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We proudly display the artwork of talented local artists.

Explore & learn more about each talented artists located in our area. We appreciate each piece they create and the beauty it brings to our peaceful serenity.

• Robert Harrell •

• Art by Brittany •
Locally owned and operated business.
Art by Brittany specializes in portraits, charcoal, abstract and resin art.

• Barb's Abstract Designs •
"I paint with acrylics, resin and alcohol inks. I also make resin coated trays, coasters, magnets and decorative treasure boxes. While I do some realistic paintings, it’s mostly abstract Impressionism. And I do custom work. I hope you enjoy!"

• 4JulesART •
Jenny Cohen is an abstract artist who works with acrylic and watercolor mediums. She is always exploring new color pallets, paint movement and expression on the canvas.

• Robert.Jones.Official •

•Tina Ebenal • 
"Photography is every part of me as the airath. I take pride in what I do and the work I produce. I love to be creative and show that in my work. I am a perfectionist when it comes to photography.When I am not capturing weddings or portraits, I am photographing nature and the beauty all around us."

• Amy Dressler Penny •
Artist, Teacher, Mother, and Optimist

• Morgan High • 


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