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Luxury Massage Treatments

Experience Complete Rejuvenation at Coastal Massage & Wellenss

Custom Massage at Coastal Massage & Wellness

45 MINUTES $65
60 MINUTES $80
90 MINUTES $110

With so many different types of massage available, it can be confusing and overwhelming deciding on which type of massage to ‘order”.  Our staff at Coastal Massage and Wellness is trained in a variety of massage techniques, we utilize in everything from Swedish – Deep Tissue – Myofascial Release – Aromatherapy and many more! The easiest way to start your massage experience is to just decide on how many minutes you would like and let our massage therapists help guide you from there!

NOW ACCEPTING HSA (Health Savings Account) Credit Cards

Pregnancy Massage at Coastal Massage & Wellness

60 MINUTES $80

Pregnancy is a time in which a woman's body endures tremendous stress due to dramatic physical, mental and emotional changes. Using various techniques specifically for the new mother. Prenancy massages help alleviate discomforts commonly experienced throughout the pregnancy.


The benefits are profound, including:

  • Emotional support

  • Reduction of joint pain due to extra weight and postural imbalance,

  • Improved breathing and relaxation

  • Relief from uncomfortable digestive issues 

NOW ACCEPTING HSA (Health Savings Account) Credit Cards

Shoulder Massage

Revitalizing Touch: Hot Stone, Scalp, and Facial Rejuvenation
75 MINUTES $110

Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation & rejuvenation as we harness the profound connection between the mind & skin. Experience the soothing warmth of a hot stone massage on your upper back, neck, and shoulders. Feel the tension melt away as the stones release knots, leaving your muscles deeply relaxed & your body pampered. Indulge in the luxurious Scalp Ritual, a transformative treatment designed to enhance blood circulation & foster profound relaxation. Our skilled therapists use gentle yet stimulating massage techniques to create a sense of tranquility that aligns and restores your inner harmony. Targeting the Crown Chakra, associated with spiritual awareness &  inner peace, this ritual takes you on a journey of connection & alignment.

To further enhance your experience, our specialized massage techniques stimulate lymphatic drainage, helping to diminish puffiness & promote a more rejuvenated appearance. Rediscover your inner harmony, radiate with a renewed sense of well-being & indulge in the ultimate spa experience.

Kundalini Yoga Breathing


Facial Massage is a specialized treatment to treat congestion, allergies, sinus pressure and headaches.  Your therapist will use gentle pressure along the forehead, nose, cheeks and scalp to open up the nasal passage ways and relieve sinus headaches.  Acupressure and massage techniques are combined to relieve the sinuses.  Combined with a salt room session, will reduce any inflammation caused by seasonal allergies. 

20 Minute Facial Massage & 30 Minute Salt Room Session

• Text 910-581-2900 to make appointment. •

Feet Treat at Coastal Massage & Wellness

30 MINUTES $55

For tired feet that are in need of some TLC, this treatment is a “shoe in”, you will receive a reflexology foot massage teamed with hot and cold stones, hot towels and aromatherapy sugar scrub!

Hot and Cold Stone Massage at Coastal Massage & Wellness


Utilizing the heat from stones works to relax the muscles, allowing the therapist to utilize less force on the muscles to release tension. The warmth of the stones is therapeutic & helps relieve muscle spasms, pain, tension.


A lesser known technique utilized in our office- cold stone massage- has a myriad of benefits. In addition to relieving stress and helping the body to relax, cryotherapy (the use of cold), can be a powerful decongestant and push blood, fluid, and wastes out of overworked or inflamed tissues.   These benefits make this type of massage particularly beneficial for relieving swelling and inflammation resulting from sports injury, scar tissue, or trauma.  

4-handed massage at Coastal Massage & Wellness

60 MINUTES $180

It is even more relaxing than a conventional massage: When you get a regular massage, you can readily gauge the location of your therapist’s hands. However, the brain doesn’t find it so easy to keep track of four different hands moving over the body.

After a few minutes, your brain will stop trying to make sense of all this information. Instead, you’ll feel fully immersed in the experience. The movements therapists use in four hand massage are usually slow and rhythmic rather than brisk and energizing. This form of massage can be useful for people who find it hard to “let go” during treatment.

When you are deeply relaxed, your muscles become more pliable. This means that both therapists can work more effectively to reduce tension in your body. You may even fall asleep during your massage.

couples massage at Coastal Massage & Wellness


We will be the Locksmiths of Love (which we will gladly give you the key too) after this 60 minute head to toe pampering! The best part is we are making this extra special with a mini hot stone treatment, mini foot scrub and an aromatherapy peppermint essential oil scalp massage to take away any stress that you have left!

Friends in Spa


Do you have a Thelma to your Louise? Cher to your Dionne? Look no further than our Bad Bitch Bestie Package! This 60 minute treatment includes: a peppermint scalp massage, hot stones on the back, and luxurious foot scrub. Relax with your BESTIE, (without children screaming or men asking where something is) and we have the restie! 


Bonus: Choice of music for your massage! (90’s Rap, Country, Classic Rock or Relaxation)



The scrub not only cleanses and softens but also stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin. This heavenly scented exfoliating treatment stimulates new cell growth and is an excellent remedy for reducing stress.

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