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Image by Raphael Lovaski

Chemical Peels

Peel and Reveal the Ultimate Beauty Within You

lactic acid peel Coastal Massage & Wellness


The Lactic Acid Peel Mask is a milder peel for all skin types, but especially effective for dry sensitive, thin, hyper-pigmented and aging skin. No visible flaking makes this the ultimate "lunch time peel" or introductory peel. This peel mask is safe to use on pregnant and lactating women.

glycolic peel Coastal Massage & Wellness


The 30% Glycolic Peel is an excellent cell renewal peel and is a great classic on its own. It will soften and exfoliate the skin.  Glycolic can treat mild to moderate acne and minimizes pore size. Will experience light peeling, no downtime.

chocolate rescue peel Coastal Massage & Wellness


Peel season has officially started and to celebrate we are highlighting our Chocolate Rescue Peel!


50% lactic acid and the natural extracts of cocoa, resveratrol, and acai berry are combined to deliver superior refining, anti-aging, and skin restorative benefits. 


This unique formulation influences collagen and glycosaminoglycan production thereby improving skin hydration, elasticity, and tone.


Recommended for: Normal, Combination, Dry, and Oily skin

TCA Peel


The 10% TCA Peel is mild but very effective and delivers lighteners down to the melanocyte without traumatizing the skin. The combination of the acids in this peel is a beautiful peeling treatment for evening skin tone, reducing acne, and retexturing the skin.  Will experience peeling 3-5 days after.

5 Berry Pigment Peel Coastal Massage & Wellness


Combines 5.0% TCA and the repairative, protective and anti-aging benefits of 5 natural berries—cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and bearberry. These potent antioxidants are abundant with arbutin and ellagic acid—natural tyrosinase inhibitors—that, in combination with licorice extract and ascorbic acid, gently modify and brighten epidermal pigmentary disorders as they increase cell turnover and collagen production. An effective photo-aging/antioxidant therapy to prevent collagen destruction and inflammatory responses associated with environmental influences

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