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Applying false lashes in a salon

Lash Slayer

Coastal Massage & Wellness Eyelashes will Slay the Game

lash lift Coastal Massage & Wellness


A Eyelash lift and tint is a lash service that permanently curls and tints natural eyelashes. Lash lifting is a new age lash perm that uses silicone shields and a series of cream-based products to curl natural eyelashes, eliminating the need for eyelash curlers. If you're going on vacation or prefer a low-maintenance makeup routine, you can opt for a lash lift and tint to deepen the color of your eyelashes in addition to the more dramatic curve.

classic full set Coastal Massage & Wellness


These lashes add length, and fullness to your eyes without the use of mascara. Give yourself a more youthful appearance with this service. 

$50 OFF Full Set with Rachel Only **All full sets must be prepaid**

hybrid lash extensions Coastal Massage & Wellness


Hybrid Lash Extensions are a mixture of Volume Fans with Classic Lashes, this produces more fullness than the classic look. Great for those transitioning from Classic to Volume Las Extensions.  Fills are every 2-3 Weeks.

$50 OFF Full Set with Rachel Only **All full sets must be prepaid**

volume eyelash extensions Coastal Massage & Wellness


Volume Lashes are 2-5 lightweight lashes per natural lash. Will achieve a more dense look, very good for those with less natural lashes. 3-4 hours, time varies based on amount of natural lashes. Fills are every 3 weeks.

$50 OFF Full Set with Rachel Only **All full sets must be prepaid**

lash cleanse Coastal Massage & Wellness


A gentle cleanse is performed to rid your lashes of makeup and other debris so your eye lash fills last longer, and look better! This is recommended for those who use makeup a lot while having lash extensions.

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