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Massage Therapists

Jessie Weinzatl Coastal Massage & Wellness

Jessie Weinzatl

Owner | Licensed Massage Therapist | Licensed Esthetician

Jessie's dedication and commitment to her craft is what sets her apart from other massage therapists and estheticians. She has a wealth of experience, training, and knowledge that has helped her become the best in her field. Her ability to work with a diverse clientele, including athletes, individuals with chronic pain, and those recovering from surgery, is admirable.

In addition to her massage therapy skills, Jessie is also passionate about helping clients pre and post-op with lymphatic drainage. She has pursued her education in lymphatic drainage and has become an expert in helping clients recover from surgery. Her knowledge and gentle techniques help to reduce swelling and inflammation, promoting faster healing. This service is vital for individuals who suffer from lymphatic issues or have recently undergone surgery. Jessie's commitment to providing exceptional care is evident in every session she conducts.


Now, let's talk about her expertise in esthetics. She is a strong believer that clear and radiant skin is achievable with the right techniques and guidance. Jessie is known for her thorough extractions that remove blackheads and other impurities from the skin without causing any damage. Her exceptional waxing services also come highly recommended. Whether it's a Brazilian wax, eyebrow wax, or any other waxing service, Jessie does an outstanding job of making her clients feel comfortable and confident.

LMBT #11079

Eddie Davis

Licensed Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, & Group Fitness Instructor 

Eddie Davis a licensed massage therapist, as well as a certified instructor in Xtreme Hip Hop, Xtreme Burn,  and Zumba.  He  has a passion for helping people learn to embrace living a healthy lifestyle, and has an enthusiasm for instructing people in various forms of fitness and encouraging proper nutrition.  As a licensed massage therapist, he incorporates massage into his plan for his clients’ body through relaxation/therapeutic techniques, focusing on any  issues that the client is dealing with.  Eddie is most excited to further his education in sports massage, cupping and lomi lomi techniques.  Being originally from Illinois, he is enjoying the North Carolina lifestyle with fishing, singing and working out. He is most proud of his wife of 21 years, 5 children, military service and receiving his bachelor's degree last year!

LMBT # 20042

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Amelia Orellana

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Amelia is a licensed massage therapist and reiki practitioner. She has studied the human body and energy work going on almost ten years now through a history of personal training, yoga teaching, and nutrition. Versed in several modalities of bodywork, such as, cupping and gua sha therapy, Amelia plans to continue to grow her knowledge/education in sports and injury therapy . In fact, it’s one of the many aspects she loves about this field…there is always room to learn more and grow! 

Since she and her family are originally from here she enjoys spending her free time with them, her children, and fur babies. She enjoys crafting, all things mystical, coffee, decorating, and grounding in nature.

LMT # 20370

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Sydney Barker

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Born in Jacksonville, NC, massage therapist Sydney has an undeniable passion for health and wellness. Through her own journey of unfulfilled needs, she found her calling in massage therapy and graduated from Coastal Carolina Community College with a diploma in Massage Therapy. Driven by her enthusiasm for sports medicine, kinesiology, and anatomy, she is currently continuing her studies focused on women’s health, prenatal massage, infant massage and lymphatic drainage.


Her mission is to encourage others to find confidence in their wellbeing while helping balance the mind-body connection. She brings a unique combination of personability, positivity and understanding that empower all her clients on their respective journeys of relaxation or chronic pain relief. With every successful treatment plan she is more assured of the rewarding impact she can have in this industry - ensuring everyone finds satisfaction within themselves through self-care and personal wellness initiatives.


LMBT #20295

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