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Massage Therapists

Jessie Weinzatl Coastal Massage & Wellness

Jessie Weinzatl

Owner | Licensed Massage Therapist | Licensed Esthetician

Jessie is the owner here at Coastal Massage and Wellness. She has 10+ years of experience as a massage therapist and an esthetician.

Having worked on everyone from a stay at home mom to professional athletes she has a strong and confident therapeutic style and she specializes in a firm, therapeutic massage.

Her thorough approach works to resolve underlying issues, providing relief from chronic discomfort, breaking up scar tissue and speeding the healing of injuries. Jessie's incorporation of Myofascial Release, Graston techniques and ACE cupping is a great support to athletic performance.

She is passionate about helping others find relief from acne through her facials and providing education, so they have the knowledge to heal it at home.  She is very excited about skincare and is known for her thorough extractions, exceptional waxing services and fabulous eyelash extensions.

LMBT #11079

Aubrey Morrison Coastal Massage & Wellness

Aubrey Morrison

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Aubrey just moved to the area with her family, and has been practicing therapeutic massage for several years. She has a Master’s degree in sports medicine and has been a lifelong athlete, which has given her a unique approach to massage treatments. 


Her educational background along with years of being a personal trainer has given her a deep and practical understanding of the body’s anatomy and physiology, and has made her aware of the fact that everyone is made differently and require customized treatments!

By using a combination of deep tissue, Myofascial, trigger point, cupping, scraping, active/passive release techniques, and stretching; her goal is to remove pain and return her client to normal activity and performance.  Although Aubrey specializes in sports massage and treating specific problem areas, her clientele has ranged from servicemen and athletes needing to perform at their best, to the desk worker with muscle in balance and back pain; from someone who just had surgery, to someone trying to prevent needing surgery; from the senior senior citizen to the young teen.  Aubrey promises to customize your therapy to meet your specific needs. LMBT #16763

Eddie Davis

Licensed Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, & Group Fitness Instructor 

Eddie Davis a licensed massage therapist, as well as a certified instructor in Xtreme Hip Hop, Xtreme Burn,  and Zumba.  He  has a passion for helping people learn to embrace living a healthy lifestyle, and has an enthusiasm for instructing people in various forms of fitness and encouraging proper nutrition.  As a licensed massage therapist, he incorporates massage into his plan for his clients’ body through relaxation/therapeutic techniques, focusing on any  issues that the client is dealing with.  Eddie is most excited to further his education in sports massage, cupping and lomi lomi techniques.  Being originally from Illinois, he is enjoying the North Carolina lifestyle with fishing, singing and working out. He is most proud of his wife of 21 years, 5 children, military service and receiving his bachelor's degree last year!

LMBT # 20042

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Amelia Orellana

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Amelia is a licensed massage therapist and reiki practitioner. She has studied the human body and energy work going on almost ten years now through a history of personal training, yoga teaching, and nutrition. Versed in several modalities of bodywork, such as, cupping and gua sha therapy, Amelia plans to continue to grow her knowledge/education in sports and injury therapy . In fact, it’s one of the many aspects she loves about this field…there is always room to learn more and grow! 

Since she and her family are originally from here she enjoys spending her free time with them, her children, and fur babies. She enjoys crafting, all things mystical, coffee, decorating, and grounding in nature.

LMT # 20370

tanielle bio pic.JPG

Tanielle Preble

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Tanielle recently moved to the area to be close to family. After serving in the military she wanted a career that would help people. She attended Acadia School of Massage in Bar Harbor, ME. 


She believes that, as the client, you are the one who knows best what your body needs in order to feel better. Whether it’s a full body relaxation massage, a focused deep tissue, or anything in between, she is here to work with you to meet your needs the way you want them met. Her goal is to provide relief and comfort to her clients through touch therapy. 


She has experience in relaxation, therapeutic/deep tissue, sports and prenatal massage. She has completed medical massage practitioner course and is excited to continue to grow her knowledge and  modalities.


LMT #20711


Ericka "Mimi" Jones

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Mimi has been a massage therapist for over a year, but she's had an affinity for the power of touch ever since her childhood. By providing relief to others with each therapeutic session, she found immense satisfaction in helping people improve their lives - something that was especially true when it came to taking care of her own dad who worked hard everyday. To explore new techniques and offer unique experiences while continuing on this path towards self-betterment, Mimi recently certified in Hot Stone Massage and is now eager to expand into Watsu (water) therapy and Lymphatic Drainage treatments.


LMT #20991

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