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Aromatherapy Oil

Coastal Massage & Wellness

We're always looking for exceptional Massage Therapists who take pride in their craft, offer exemplary customer service, and are ready to work for an organization that appreciates the dedication needed to excel in this profession.

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Jessie Weinzatl, owner of Coastal Massage and Wellness, prides herself in creating an environment where the therapists and clients can focus on the therapeutic nature of the massage and foster the massage therapist's love for their career. Whether you're brand new or a veteran to the industry, Jessie provides on the job training for various techniques from sports massage and cupping to relaxation.  Also, if you want to create a service she is more than willing to help you create a niche for yourself! 

Having worked at other massage studios and chains, she knows that your time is valuable and works hard to make sure the schedule is the right fit for you. Being a massage therapist/esthetician herself, she understands that every massage therapist has a limit on how many clients they can see in one day/week, working with your limitations is her goal and she can help you achieve what you set for yourself! 

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of then we would love for you to apply! Please send resumes to

Aromatherapy Oil

"I’ve worked for Jessie at coastal massage and wellness since the earlier stages in the business, and it is not by chance that it has grown to be what it is now.  The determination and effort that she puts into the business and into everyone who works for her makes you want to work and contribute to the overall growth.  We receive both guidance and independence, our needs and opinions are never ignored, and our efforts never go unnoticed.  If you have an idea of something you want to do, she will encourage it and make it happen.  Jesse prioritizes Everyone who works for her, and has created a work environment  unlike anywhere I’ve been."

Aubrey Morrison


"Coastal Massage and Wellness is more than my workplace…it’s my family. In my 12 years of massaging I have never worked anywhere like here. From day one I knew this was a special place to work. Jessie, the owner, is an amazing boss!  Her kindness, generosity, skill and professionalism truly make her a one of a kind!  Amber, the Spa Manager, goes out of her way everyday to make sure we are all taken care of and gives us the ability to focus solely on our clients to give them the best service possible!  She is a true gem and I am so thankful for all she does!  Our whole team works like a well oiled machine and the level of expertise within Coastal Massage and Wellness is unmatched!  I am so grateful that I am a part of such an awesome family!"

Kristina Giampa

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