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Image by Andrew Valdivia

Body Tempering

A Myofascial Release Technique to Release Restrictions

Body tempering is a modality that is FULLY CLOTHED and uses WEIGHTED TOOLS  to accelerate sport activity performance and recovery by combating soft tissue restrictions. Body tempering can also be utilized to prepare the body for vigorous activities such as heavy lifting, running or other strenuous activities. Ultimately, it is a myofascial release technique using pressure from the tool to allow the fascia and muscle to release any restrictions present.


1. Dynamic Tempering This method is similar to foam rolling except the client is in a passive state and the tempering practitioner does all the heavy lifting. 

2. Static Tempering This mechanism is when a heavy tool is placed in one spot for several minutes. This process is used for larger regions such as the calves and hamstrings. Once the tools have been removed, there will be a surge of oxygenated blood to the area and help change the histological status of the tissues involved. 

3. Throttling This technique is used to move skin and fascia over deeper muscle layers. The tempering practitioner throttles the tool in a twisting motion like throttling a motorcycle. The texture of the tool will grip the skin which will allow movement under the surface targeting fascial restrictions and/or trigger points that need to be addressed.

4. Target Tempering This technique is more point specific than the other techniques. Target tempering is excellent in alleviating trigger point sites. The tool used for this technique has a rounded end which allows for specific points to be targeted.

The beauty of body tempering is all of these techniques can be used in one session.

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Shoulder Body Tempering

45 minutes $70 both shoulders


Elbow Tendonitis Body Tempering

30 minutes per elbow $55 each elbow


Knee Pain Body Tempering

30 minutes per knee $55 each knee


Low Back Pain Body Tempering

30 minutes $55 


Sciatica Body Tempering

30 minutes each side $55 each side




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