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Universal precautions

We are all mindful of all viruses by now so I wanted to take the time to address any concerns you may have.

We block out 30 minutes between each appointment. Yes, it's so my body can rest and I can have a snack.

But it's also so I can disinfect my office before my next client walks in.

This is how that's accomplished:

*I wipe down every single surface that I or the previous client touched. That includes my lotion/oil bottles, doorknobs, light switches.

*For disinfection purposes, I use a hospital-grade wipe called CaviWipes which is so strong that it's not meant to touch bare skin (you should use gloves when using these wipes). These wipes kill bacteria, fungi, and tuberculosis. If you click the link above you can read the types of viruses & bacteria that this is effective on, including HIV, Herpes 1 & 2, Hepatitis C, Influenza A2, and Coronavirus.

You can purchase these on Amazon for your own personal use.

*I wash my hands while singing the ABC song in my head. Why?

Because soap has to have contact with your skin for a certain amount of time to actually kill germs or viruses. And it just so happens that the ABC song is the perfect amount of time. (Yes, the ABC song you were taught in kindergarten!)

*I take my dirty sheets home every single night and launder them in hot water, with lots of soap and a touch of bleach.

I also use a disinfectant when doing the laundry.

*Ever noticed how soft and comfy the face cradle is when you lay on your belly? That's because there's a fleece pad underneath the covering. That fleece pad is replaced between each client and is laundered accordingly.

*If I have a hangnail or a cut on my hand, I wear gloves while giving a massage.

I want to make sure I don't have any type of infection in my open wound to pass on to you. Similarly, if I see an open wound on your skin (legs, back, etc) I will avoid this area.

*When I cough or sneeze in my office, I do so into the crook of my arm, NOT into my hands. EVER. (Because this just spreads germs even more so!)

If I cough or sneeze during your appointment, I will immediately excuse myself and wash my hands thoroughly.

Is this any different than the way I usually conduct myself?


I take universal, precautions at all times.

Questions or concerns?

Feel free to email Me or call me


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