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Scar Reduction Massage

In Motion with Morrison Blog

Written by Aubrey Morrison

MS Sports Medicine, CSCS, Licensed Massage Therapist #16763

Jessie Weinzatl, the owner of Coastal Massage and Wellness, offers a specialized treatment for scar tissue that is visible on the skin. Scar reduction is so much more than simply reducing appearances for the sake of aesthetics; it improves the skin’s elasticity for better movement, improved flow of lymph fluid, hormone balance, and much more. If a scar from a surgery, c-section, or injury cause you discomfort in any way, Jessie is the one to see!

Q: What is a Scar?

A: It is a mark from an injury, cut, or incision that is made from collagen fibers during the body’s healing process to close the skin back up. Scar tissue fibers are different than your original skin because they grow in various directions instead of being all lined up; this gives scars their different appearance and texture. They also do not have the same elasticity as your skin and other soft tissue.

Q: When should someone start scar tissue massage?

A: Massage to the actual scar should wait until the incision or wound has closed. If it is from a surgery, this is around 6-8 weeks usually. Other types of massage like lymphatic drainage can take place even before the incision site has fully closed, but in terms of scar reduction massage, it should be when it is healed up.

Q: How often should I receive scar massage to get the benefits?

A: It depends on the depth of the scar, the severity of damage to the tissue, and how your body heals from the first treatment. Genetics also plays a role in the amount of scar tissue your body will produce. Anywhere from 1-2 times per week, for 4-6 weeks. We can determine more specifically after your first treatment!

Q: What does scar massage treatment entail, does it take a long time, and is it uncomfortable?

A: The treatment will most likely involve cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and

myofascial release. We will progress to deeper work the more sessions you have. Sessions are between 20-30 minutes. There will probably be some periods of discomfort, as it does involve breaking apart soft tissue fibers.

Q: What if the scar is really old, like 20 years? Will this still help?

A: Yes! Especially with any chronic pain that is caused by scar tissue (for example, a c-section scar

causing low back and shoulder pain because the scar can cause pulling from other structures).

Q: Will I feel or see results after one treatment? What is a normal time frame to see improvement?

A: Yes, you will see results after one treatment! It will turn red at first, and possibly some bruising from the tools. But you will feel relief after one treatment and have more range of motion. You may have temporary soreness that lessens with each treatment.

Q: What are the benefits of Scar Tissue Massage?

A: There are lots of benefits! Scars can be painful and uncomfortable due to soreness and impaired

nerve function, so pain management is a major benefit. Better movement is also a plus. Scar tissue

does not stretch like normal skin and can make certain motions extremely uncomfortable, like a tugging feeling or that the skin might tear. Below the skin’s surface, scar tissue can make muscles tight, weak, and make actions feel “stuck.” Massage treatment for scars are both superficial and deep, so elasticity can improve with skin movement and muscles can be released and “unstuck.” In addition to pain management and improved movement, this type of massage can help return normal flow of lymph fluid, blood, and hormones, as these vital factors can be disrupted by the disarray of scar tissue fibers. So many aspects of wellness can be improved by massage treatment for a scar that you may not even be aware of and may be used to living with!

We look forward to working with in reducing pain, improving range of motion,

and reducing the appearance of your scar!


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